Richmond, VA

June 4th - 5th, 2015

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CTF Update

We caught up with Nick Popovich from the RV4sec CTF team and he had some great information to share with us! The RV4sec CTF is next week, and is going to be the most intense CTF the 804 has ever seen! Here’s what’s new and amazing this year. Also you’ll want to read on for […]

CTF: Know A Local RVA Company That Needs Security Help?

Do you know any local RVA companies that need security help?  Whether they can’t afford to hire help, are a Non-Profit organization or something else, the RV4sec CTF team is here to help! This year we are working with Bugcrowd to allow CTF participants the ability to give back to the community. The live bug hunting […]

CTF: New Hybrid Challenge Includes Live Bug Hunting!

The RV4sec CTF dev team has been hard at work for the last few months cooking up some great new challenges for this year’s Capture the Flag (CTF) event. We’re sticking with the tiered approach in an effort to bring a healthy mix of educational challenges, along with more difficult “hack the Gibson” challenges. However, […]

RVAs3c Capture The Flag Update and Prizes Announced!

RVAs3c Capture The Flag: The RVAsec Capture The Flag (CTF) is getting close! Below are details that are meant to ensure participants are prepared for the event. We’re excited to invite anyone and everyone who is interested in learning and exploring using different tools and techniques with hands on practical exercises to join us. The team has worked […]

RVAsec CTF: What to expect this year!

Last year RVAsec had its first CTF and it was a huge success.   The team has been planning to make the event this years even better and have a lot in store.  We caught up with Chris Gerling to get some information on what to expect this year. (RVAsec) The CTF was aimed to […]

RVAsec CTF Update

RVAsec is just about a week away and we are excited for many reasons! This year’s conference marks several firsts: two days of talks two speaker tracks and of course the first RVAsec Capture the Flag (CTF) event! For more details about the CTF, please check out We’ve had a number of people pre-register […]


RVAsec Capture The Flag Update!

The RVAsec Capture The Flag (CTF) is getting close. The details below are meant to ensure participants are prepared for it! We’re excited to invite anyone and everyone who is interested in learning and exploring different IT/infosec tools and techniques in hands-on, practical exercises, to join us. WHEN: 06/01/2013 – 10am-2pm.  The exact time is […]

New Style Of Capture The Flag (CTF) Coming To RVAsec!

RVAsec had an amazing inception last year, and we have been busy at work planning the second iteration, which will take place from May 30th to June 1st, 2013 on the VCU campus in Richmond, VA.  This year’s event should be every bit as exciting and full of great opportunities to learn and connect with your fellow colleagues. In […]